Data? Insight?
That's what we live for.

Iobyte Solutions is a renowned data solutions partner that provides world-class sales reporting, efficient data acquisition, and sophisticated tracking and analysis tools through the creative and intelligent use of technology and design.


Increase Amazon Sales Significantly

The combination of reporting and tools, combined with deep experience working with Amazon retailers regularly leads to material gains in Amazon revenue. Advantage clients see an average of 40% increase in the first few months. Our tools help make the transition to Advantage for new or current Vendor Central clients easy, fast, and error-free.

Data Driven Publishing

Publishing is evolving more rapidly than ever and some nimble publishers are able to find surprising profits in niche publishing. Iobyte works with many of the world's largest publishers to develop and/or enhancing their sales performance by providing both strategy and tools to help.

Iobyte's Publisher Dashboard tools are stuffed with insightful reports and tools to help optimize performance during the critical periods in a book's lifecycle - preorder, launch, and post-launch. Alerts identify potential inventory and metadata issues before they actively impact sales.

Identify Changes in your Market Landscape Instantly

Brand companies and Retailers are all under more pressure than ever from all over the supply chain. Private label products are a growing threat to brands, new and old, and the retailer you depend on today can become your greatest competitor overnight.

Iobyte's MarketView service provides deep analysis of the market that shows these competitive threats as they begin to appear, and helps clients understand how consumers respond to these new choices. You can monitor competitor prices on thousands of products across dozens of retail sites in multiple countries. Our services provide the most timely information possible on what your company needs to be aware of.

Automate the Hard Stuff

Companies have ever-increasing access to more and more data from suppliers, retailers, partners, customers and many other sources. Just gathering all this data takes people and time and is still hard to do well consistently.

Iobyte solves all this by automating these tasks and ensure consistent delivery of clean data. Iobyte's data management tools automatically pull point-of-sale, affiliate sales, billing files and others from retailer portals - millions of data points every day. We can even help find relevent data sources you didn't know existed.

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See Data Intuitively

Iobyte has built sales reporting tools that have completely changed how our clients view and use their sales data. These tools line up sales with marketing, publicity and other events to demonstrate ROI in clear fashion, exposing the value of this data to all corners of the organizations so every department can better quantify the value of what they do.

Using these techniques and drawing on vast experience with analytics and measurement strategy, Iobyte can rapidly deploy information dashboards that make sense. Contact us to see a demonstration of our Sales Reporting dashboard.

Protect Your Property

Iobyte has just added IP Hawk, a new tool designed to address a growing problem of intellectual property rights infringment on digital retail, marketplace and document sharing platforms. Some of these sites do not do a sufficent job of protecting your property so we can help close this gap.

With IP Hawk, publishers can search online marketplaces for suspected pirated copies of their products, allowing for almost immediate discovery and action.